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Offers are invited from interested parties for the following works/ material requirements. Please make sure to keep your offers precise and updated as per our exact requirements. Closing date of the tenders should be strictly adhered to. CONCOR also reservs the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any reason to the parties affected.

S.No.Last date of SubmissionLast date of SaleTitle
S.No. 1. Last date of Submission 22/09/2021 -  22.09.2021 15:00 Last date of Sale 21.09.2021 16:00 Title CON/Area-I/TC/Cargo/Dadri/II/2021-Professional Services of Cargo Handling at ICD/Dadri, Uttar Pradesh(Download)
S.No. 2. Last date of Submission 04/10/2021 -  04/10/2021 12.00 Last date of Sale 03/10/2021 Title CON/IT/TKD/AI/2021/01-PROVIDING AI BASED CONTAIANER TERMINAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AT ICD/TUGHLAKABAD FOR A PERIOD OF 03 YEARS(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 18/08/2021 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 16/09/2021 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 22/09/2021 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 09/08/2021 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 17/09/2021 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 10/09/2021 (Download)
S.No. 3. Last date of Submission 06/10/2021 -  06/10/2021 17.00 Last date of Sale 05/10/2021 Title CON/EP/Area-2/MMLP-Swarupganj/HT Line Shifting/2021-Shifting of 33 KV and 11KV HT lines at Rail transshipment HUB (RTH) at Swarupganj, Rajasthan.(Download)
S.No. 4. Last date of Submission 06/10/2021 -  06.10.2021 upto15:00 hrs Last date of Sale 05.10.2021 upto 16:00 hrs Title CON/KOL/AREA-IV/CHA/LCS-PETRAPOLE/2021/01-Appointment of CHA for Customs formalities at LCS Petrapole for Border Crossing of EXIM Container rakes for Bangladesh(Download)
S.No. 5. Last date of Submission 07/10/2021 -  07.10.2021 15:00 Last date of Sale 06.10.2021 17:00 Title CON/ER/AMJ/SURVEY/2021-SURVEY OF CONTAINERS CARGO AT AMINGAON(Download)
S.No. 6. Last date of Submission 09/10/2021 -  09.10.2021 15:00 Last date of Sale 08.10.2021 16:00 Title CON/AREA-1/TKD/C&O/BUSI.CEN/2021-OPERATION & MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS CENTER AT ICD TUGHLAKABAD(Download)
S.No. 7. Last date of Submission 11/10/2021 -  11.10.2021 upto 17:00 hr. Last date of Sale 10.10.2021 up to 17:00 Hrs. Title CON/AREA-IV/TECH/CONTAINER REPAIR/2021-22-Establishing of Container Repair Facility to carry all Major and Minor Repairs of Damaged domestic Containers as per IICL specification at specified Container Terminals of Area-IV(Download)
S.No. 8. Last date of Submission 12/10/2021 -  12.10.2021 upto 15:00 hrs Last date of Sale 11.10.2021 upto16:00 hrs Title CON/Area-I/TC/Cargo Handling/MB/2021-Providing professional services for Handling of cargo at ICD/Moradabad(Download)
S.No. 9. Last date of Submission 14/10/2021 -  14-10-2021 16:00 Last date of Sale 14-10-2021 16:00 Title GEM/2021/B/1519895-Internet Bandwidth And Replication Service - Internet Leased Line; Goverment Service Provider, Private Service Provider; Class A; National Long Distance (NLD); 100 ( 2 )(Download)
S.No. 10. Last date of Submission 15/10/2021 -  15/10/2021 17.00 Last date of Sale 14/10/2021 Title CON/EP/AREA III/AMC CIVIL/ICD SNF&DCT NPL-ZONAIL CIVIL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT AT ICD/SNF AND DCT/NPL(Download)
S.No. 11. Last date of Submission 15/10/2021 -  15/10/2021 17.00 Last date of Sale 13/10/2021 Title CON/EP/ARA-III/AMC CIVIL/MMLPV & ICD GUNTUR-ZONAL CIVIL CONTRACT AT MMLPVIZAG AND ICD/GUNTUR(Download)
S.No. 12. Last date of Submission 17/10/2021 -  17.10.2021 17:00 hrs Last date of Sale 16.10.2021 (up to 16:00 hrs) Title CON/ER/CPIB/TPT/2021-Transportation of IOCL Cargo in Closed Body Trucks/Containerized trucks at CONCOR Balasore container terminal,Odisha through e-tender cum Reverse Auction Mode.(Download)

In addition to the above, CONCOR has started putting tenders on CPP portal meant for publishing Government Tenders.