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Offers are invited from interested parties for the following works/ material requirements. Please make sure to keep your offers precise and updated as per our exact requirements. Closing date of the tenders should be strictly adhered to. CONCOR also reservs the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any reason to the parties affected.

S.No.Last date of SubmissionLast date of SaleTitle
S.No. 1. Last date of Submission 10/08/2020 -  10.08.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 10.08.2020 11:00 Title 10Th Aug 2020/CONCOR/MSTC/20-21-Selling various types of Uncleared/Unclaimed imported cargo brought into India and Scrap items, Damaged Empty Containers, etc, through Online Auction(Download)
S.No. 2. Last date of Submission 11/08/2020 -  11.08.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 10.08.2020 16:00 Title CON/SR/TNPM/Hiring of Vehicles/0720/05-Hiring of Vehicles six (06) Nos. on monthly basis for CONCOR, ICD/TNPM at Chennai .(Download)
S.No. 3. Last date of Submission 13/08/2020 -  13.08.2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 11.08.2020 17:00 Title CON/WR/TURBHE WAREHOUSE/ LEASE / 26 /2020-TENDER FOR LEASING OUT OF AROUND 2000 SQM WAREHOUSING SPACE AT DCT-TURBHE, VASHI,NAVI MUMBAI ON MONTHLY RENTAL BASIS FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS(Download)
S.No. 4. Last date of Submission 14/08/2020 -  14-08-2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 14-08-2020 15:00 Title CON/NCR/P&A/Taxi/SCICL/2020-Hiring of Three Commercial Vehicles (HATCH-BACK) on monthly basis at SCICL, Uttarakhand-263153(Download)
S.No. 5. Last date of Submission 17/08/2020 -  17.08.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 14.08.2020 16:00 Title CON/NWR/Tenders-II(a)/310/ICD-KHDB/2020-Licensing of Space for Providing & Operating Telephone Facility with STD/ISD/PCO/FAX/Photocopy & Internet Services at ICD Khodiyar.(Download)
S.No. 6. Last date of Submission 17/08/2020 -  17.08.2020 1500 Last date of Sale 17.08.2020 15:00 Title CON/DL and C/EOI/2020-EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR LEASING OUT WAREHOUSE SPACE ON LONG-TERM BASIS AT DADRI.(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 31/07/2020 (Download)
S.No. 7. Last date of Submission 18/08/2020 -  18.08.2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 17.08.2020 17:00 Title CON/EP/NCR/ZC/2020-Maintenance of civil works of administrative building, workshop, warehouse, housing colony, pavement works, road and all other miscellaneous civil works structure work at ICD, Dadri(Download)
S.No. 8. Last date of Submission 20/08/2020 -  20.08.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 19.08.2020 16:00 Title CON/ICD/TKD/TECH/Cont. Repair/Multi vendor/2019-20 -License out of space for ISO/DSO container repair facility at ICD/Tughlakabad, New Delhi on multi vendor facility (2 vendor basis).(Download)
S.No. 9. Last date of Submission 25/08/2020 -  25.08.2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 24.08.2020 17:00 Title CON/EP/Dadri /E- 27745/WH/T-1/2020-Construction of 3 Nos Pre-Engineered warehouse (125 X 60Mtr) with 12 Mtr clear height and ancillary work on surplus land at ICD Dadri U.P(Download)
S.No. 10. Last date of Submission 02/09/2020 -  03.09.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 02.09.2020 16:00 Title CON/NWR/Vehicle Hire-AKV/28/2019-Hiring of one Mahindra XYLO/MARAZZO or equivalent in price on monthly hiring basis at CCT/Ankleshwar with Driver.(Download)
S.No. 11. Last date of Submission 03/09/2020 -  03.09.2020 12:00 Last date of Sale 02.09.2020 16:00 Title CON/IT/1261/20/01-Open Tender in Two Bid System On-premise turnkey based Supply, installation, commissioning and implementation of hardware, software, licenses and network along with oneyear warranty and post warranty AMC and ATS support for one-year for setting up Disaster Recovery Site at Mihan, Nagpur(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 11/08/2020 (Download)
S.No. 12. Last date of Submission 03/09/2020 -  03.09.2020 15:00 Last date of Sale 02.09.2020 17:00 Title CAL/SACT/ADMIN/PRINT-STATIONERY/01/2020-Open Tender (in Two Bid System) for providing printed stationery at Santacruz Air Cargo Terminal (SACT), Mumbai(Download)
S.No. 13. Last date of Submission 04/09/2020 -  04.09.2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 03.09.2020 17:00 Title CON/EP/SR/AMC/Civil Works/0820/06-Annual Maintenance contract for Civil works at Zone -2, Terminals in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, CONCOR(Download)
S.No. 14. Last date of Submission 09/09/2020 -  09.09.2020 17:00 Last date of Sale 08.09.2020 16:00 Title CON/ER/CTDI/HDL/2020-Handling of containers and cargo at Durgapur terminal, West Bengal(Download)

In addition to the above, CONCOR has started putting tenders on CPP portal meant for publishing Government Tenders.